The Austin Method®

Based on a unique, professionally led approach to design and construction, well proven over a century, The Austin Method® will give you:


Our Management processes lower costs, reduce time, minimise defects and perform work in a safe manner within a non adversarial environment.

In-house multi-discipline design

Our in-house team focuses on design to achieve detailed coordination and efficient response to all challenges.


Innovation from the in-house team with unique solutions for the challenges encountered during design and construction.

Cost certainty

We determine accurate out-turn cost at an early stage of the project.


Our clients use the elements of Austin’s services that match their project’s needs.

Single source arrangement

Enhances integration, coordination and project delivery.


Constructability and buildability reviews provide optimum solutions and reduce project timescales.

Supply chain integration

Creates best value for the implementation of complex solutions.

Risk evaluations

Proactively solutions are brought to the project on a continuing basis to meet financial, technical, time and CDM requirements.

Continuous improvement learning

We encourage enhancements to all aspects of project implementation process.

The Austin Method® vs Traditional Method – Time and Money Saved


  • architecture
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • structural
  • public health
  • construction
  • management