Project Delivery Options

Austin can be engaged under any one of the available project procurement paths some of which include: Traditional, Fee Construction, Design & Build or The Austin Method®


Lump Sum or Rates.

Fee Construction

Management Contracting or Construction Management.

Design & Build

Competitive or Negotiated.

The Austin Method®

Single source responsibility using in-house design and construction teams on a reimbursable, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), target cost, lump sum basis or a combination of one of these options.

Factors affecting your choice may include:

Cost certainty, programme, complexity, quality, risk, accountability, management, value for money, confidence in the service provider, environment and health & safety.

Austin is able to address all these items to provide you with a solution that matches your specific needs and expectations.

Austin firmly embraces partnering and alliancing as a means of enhanced design and construction relationships.

In order to meet your needs, Austin can provide elemental or bespoke services.

  • architecture
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • structural
  • public health
  • construction
  • management