GW Pharmaceuticals

Phase 2 – Large Scale Manufacturing Facility B750

The Opportunity

Austin were approached by GW to provide a large-scale manufacturing facility to meet their future requirements.

Austin initially developed a conceptual design (Step 1a). This was then developed into a preliminary design (Step 1b) to include 3 No. additional large scale extraction units. On conclusion of the Step 1b, the projected product demand was increasing, so the design was further modified to incorporate extraction plant similar to their current operations.

The additional developments were incorporated into the detail design (Step 2) in parallel with starting construction, a GW Critical Success Factor. The project was to be developed and completed in two phases to allow early start-up of manufacturing in Phase 1.

Phase 2 included complex processing and manufacturing equipment with Automation, Manual Handling systems, Clean in Place, Waste Handling and Collection systems. This was to support the specialist large scale CO2 Extraction Systems and the Separator Streams. These were all located within ATEX zoned and environmentally controlled rooms, to align with the agreed operation and Basis of Safety.

The installation required dedicated safety and process vents for all streams.

The operations had to be integrated and automated with vacuum and gravity fed transfer system over two process streams.

The extraction equipment selected needed the capability to extract large scale quantities of product.

The facility was to be automated and controlled from a centralised process control system.

The Solution

The facility layout was developed to meet key adjacencies, personnel and material flows and other operational objectives defined over two storeys with a floor space of 3,570m2 comprising of: 1,987m2 on the ground floor and 1,883m2 on the first floor.

Austin worked with specialist consultants, vendors and subcontractors to ensure that all requirements were integrated and delivered to the highest standard whilst maintaining efficient operations using best practices.

With the varied manufacturing equipment, process engineering services and complex nature of the installations, the requirements were modelled using different platforms. These were all integrated in Revit (CAD) to provide a single overall coordinated model.

The new infrastructure includes HV supplies, steam, 2 No. 3,000 kVa transformers, 3 No. 800kW (-5 to 0°C), 2 No. 200kW (-10 to -5°C), 1 No. 600kW (-5 to 8°C) Process Chillers, 1 No. 1,300kW (6 to 12°C) Thermal Chiller and 5 No. Air handling units (2,000 to 8,000 l/s).

The facility comprises of non-classified and controlled and not classified accommodation. Although not a requirement, the facility has been designed generally to meet GMP requirements.

Austin worked with GW in delivering the new capabilities and integrating these with no disruption to ongoing operations.

“Austin provided GW team excellent support throughout the project, and we are proud of delivering this world class facility.”

Mr Manuel Loureda – Site Director

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