Balkanpharma (Actavis) – Production Facility – Bulgaria

Balkanpharma (Actavis) - Production Facility - Bulgaria Balkanpharma, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Bulgaria needed to increase production capacity by three million tablets per year with the construction of a new facility on an existing site in Dupnitza.

Essential requirements included:

  • The creation of an efficient and pleasant professional working environment
  • Flexible space with expansion potential
  • Cost effective construction with low maintenance and energy costs
  • Full compliance with cGMP standards
  • Visible confirmation of the company’s commitment in Bulgaria

The appointment of Austin as a single-source service provider ensured co-operation and co-ordination of the team members.

An optimum layout of 4,6002m was produced on two floors based on UK experience and incorporating Bulgarian building components where possible.

The facility was designed to be the first cGMP and MHRA compliant facility in Bulgaria.

Construction work was completed in 12 months.

The project was completed with a budget saving of 7.5%.

  • architecture
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • structural
  • public health
  • construction
  • management