Deluxe (formerly Rank) Film Laboratories, Denham, London

Deluxe (formerly Rank) Film Laboratories is a leading motion-picture film processor. In order to maintain its leadership position in the industry, Deluxe expanded its existing facility in Denham, west of London.

The 1,680m² addition houses three high-speed film processing machines that run at a maximum speed of 228 meters per minute. The advanced technology equipment more than doubles the output capacity of the facility.

Tanks, pumps and pipe work are situated on the first floor together with a new main electrical switch room that serves both the old and new film processing areas.

Deluxe’s operational activities are carried out on the second floor. Mechanical services are located. Because of the corrosive nature of film processing chemicals, the expansion incorporates special floor and wall treatments as well as plastic piping, stainless-steel pipe supports and glass reinforced plastic walkways.

Deluxe was able to maintain its film processing operations throughout construction, a key element in the programming of the project.

The Austin Company provided architectural and process design as well as engineering and construction services for the project. The project was completed on a four-phased redevelopment programme.

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