Schering-Plough (Organon) – Chemistry Building – Hewhouse, Scotland

ocb1The Austin Company of UK Ltd provided planning, design, engineering and construction services for the 7,790sq.m facility.

A close relationship was developed between Austin and Organon to provide a team committed to the established goals of quality, cost, programme and health and safety.

The team had to overcome difficult ground conditions containing remains of old facilities and a labyrinth of disused coal shafts and tunnels.

The facility comprises 10 spacious laboratories on the ground and first floors allocated to chemistry, robotics, and analytical chemistry.  The laboratories are supported by a lecture theatre, library, lounge, write up areas, chemical and solvent storage facilities.

A second floor plant room, with natural light, houses plant and equipment to service the technical areas.  There are 158 fume cupboards having a unique energy-saving air supply vortex to reduce the volume of conditioned air drawn from the laboratories.

Architecturally the building has been designed with a high-tech appearance befitting Organon’s image as a leader in the pharmaceuticals field.

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