Pharmaron UK Ltd

Fleming Building, Phase 2 Laboratory Suite Development, Hoddesdon

The Opportunity

In order to support pharmaceutical production activities on site, Pharmaron made a strategic decision to fit out the fallow area on the second floor of the Fleming building into laboratories for Process Chemistry.

Owing to Austin’s expertise in design and construction of highly technical facilities as well as previous development of Phase 1 concept study, Pharmaron approached Austin with an opportunity to provide a turnkey solution that would meet their time, quality and cost needs.

Austin suggested utilising The Austin Method® for project delivery. This entails providing a Step 1b – Preliminary Design as it allows development of drawings, outline specifications, programme and ±10% cost estimate in a shorter period than the traditional method to allow Management Approval earlier for the whole project. This then follows by progressing the project immediately into Step 2 – Detailed Design stage, competitive procurement through to construction minimising the overall project timescales significantly.

The Solution

Austin undertook detailed site surveys and briefing workshops with the user groups and key stakeholders to develop the requirements for the Phase 2 Chemistry laboratory fit-out of 2nd floor fallow area. The brief was to match Phase 1 in terms of finishes, however, improve on performance.

Lessons learnt from the previous phase were discussed, analysed and applied to this phase. This included:

  • Engaging with the team very early to define laboratory equipment and services provisions.
  • Coordination of MEP services using 3D modelling to facilitate design reviews and maintenance access.
  • Designing the requirements to limit noise and vibration during construction due to adjacent operational areas.

Key challenges in developing the solution included:

  • Providing sufficient air flows for 58 No. variable air volume fume cupboards.
  • 26 m3/s Air Handling Unit.
  • Provision for heat recovery on the supply and fume extract systems (26 m3/s).
  • Integration of an additional 1MW boiler to provide heating.
  • Design and install mechanical plant room for ventilation, including supply only of AHU and cooling coil.
  • Extension of the existing compressed air and nitrogen system plus relocation of existing nitrogen pressure regulating set.
  • Modifications to existing ductwork installed in Phase 1 to facilitate new works.
  • Tie-ins for MEP and sprinklers to existing operational systems.
  • Maintaining project progress during national COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Including provision of supplementary ventilation to an existing plant room.
  • architecture
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • structural
  • public health
  • construction
  • management