London Metropolitan University – Teaching Super Laboratory – London

London Metropolitan University – Teaching Super Laboratory – LondonAustin had to provide their expertise on laboratory design on this project, as part of a research and teaching facility including sports, health and wellbeing, laboratory facilities to enable a new style of group teaching.

Also to accommodate the University’s brief to enable up to 260 students in a single space to be taught at the same time or enable a number of teaching groups to be accommodated at the same time.

Research and teaching facilities are located on two floors. The lower floor houses the research labs including Category II and III containment facilities.

The upper floor has the main 260 person teaching lab.

Fume cupboards and safety cabinets are located together on one side of the main space. Benching is supplied with various different gases, power and data and localized vacuum to allow flexible use.

The key teaching aid is an interactive display screen for each student.

Austin provided Architectural design input during the design phases up to Stage E and subsequent Architectural and Building Services design audit throughout the project to handover.

The new research building has been described as “Europe’s most advanced science teaching facility” and achieved BREEAM Rating of Very Good.

  • architecture
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • structural
  • public health
  • construction
  • management