Dairy Crest

Dairy Crest had identified the need for a new QC building to support their cheese manufacturing operations at their facility at Davidstow, Cornwall.

Due to the requirement to have the new facility operational early 2015. Dairy Crest had approached the supplier of a modular, prefabricated building to meet their identified needs.

On receipt of an initial design, Dairy Crest commissioned Austin to undertake a peer review of the design for the new modular facility. This review raised a number of suggestions to reflect the user  equirements and enhance the design to provide an optimum and more efficient layout to match the work flow patterns.

Parallel to this review, Austin reviewed alternative locations for the facility on the Davidstow site, to determine the best location to serve the ongoing manufacturing processes efficiently.

Following  the location study, a preferred location for the new QC building was identified and agreed. This enabled the final design for the new building, with respect to orientation, access, flows  and incoming utilities to be finalised.

The peer review of the original design for the new QC facility undertaken by Austin, identified a number of modifications to enhance the layout and provide a  more economical and efficient building to suit QC operations. Austin were able to draw upon their experience from similar completed QC facilities to test, and then improve the design. This also  included a detailed review of equipment to be incorporated into the new facility, which included detailed equipment layouts, servicing, access and environmental requirements.

Design  enhancements included replanning the internal layout to better reflect people and material flows around the building and physically separating the plant (HVAC) area from laboratory areas to minimise adverse effects on sensitive scientific equipment from vibration.

Following the peer review exercise, Austin were commissioned to undertake the detailed design and construction of the new 260m², single story modular laboratory. Austin worked in close liaison  with the chosen modular building supplier, with the internal fit-out being governed by key dimensions of the modular building units.

Accommodation included staff entry, sample receipt, microbiology (ACDP 2), wet chemistry, instrument and flame free laboratories, together with chemical and consumables stores, office and staff welfare facilities. Austin provided full architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural design together with project and construction management during the build.

“Austin brought a customer focus to our project, listening to our requirements and providing expertise which has added value to the end result. I have been impressed with their ability to deliver, attention to detail and quality of build”. – Paul O’Neill, Procurement Controller, Dairy Crest Limited.

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