Bio Products Laboratory Ltd

Bio Products Laboratory Ltd. (BPL) is a manufacturer of a wide range of plasma products located in Elstree near London. There was a need to upgrade an existing sterile injectable production facility comprising Grade B & C environments to facilitate a new filling line installation in a live operational facility.

This entailed a detailed planning requiring two shut-downs:

  • Shutdown 1 – to isolate both the critical and non-critical systems and areas requiring modification to accommodate the fill line delivery, installation and assembly – four weeks.
  • Shutdown 2 – to reconnect the systems when the fill line had been delivered, installed and assembled – 12 days.

The construction was phased to facilitate:

  • isolation from the rest of the facility and systems from the area and systems requiring modifications for the installation of the new fill line
  • the facility construction and fit out modifications in between shutdowns
  • reconnection of fill line working area
  • validation of the modifications to the facility and critical systems for interim manufacture between shutdowns.

Austin assembled an experienced team with knowledge and skills of delivering such complex technical projects. This allowed the works to be planed in detail for the execution of the requirements within very tight time constraints.

The scope of works was developed to ensure a workable solution involving shut downs was robust. This identified the work to be done, the cost and programme.

On approval, detailed design and engineering was undertaken of all phased building modifications including the building and equipment services and the controls integration between the fill line and the facility’s critical systems.

The site team was then able to perform the works within the constraints and meet each of the shutdown dates.

Shutdown 1 was completed on time allowing the phase 2 works to progress.

Careful project planning covering the shutdowns allowed future phases to take place in isolation of validated services, critical utilities and sterile production areas.

The scope of the design included reviewing the impact of the new fill line in terms of controls through to system capacities, peak demands and diversity.

“The Austin team met and exceeded our expectation in delivering this important project from design through to validation and hand over – thank you” – Bill Lewis, Head of Projects, Bio Products Laboratory Limited

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