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Maintaining your assets in peak condition

Austin’s new asset management programme can make a real difference when it comes to maintaining your buildings and equipment at peak efficiency, with the benefit of limiting costly downtime and monitoring overall equipment efficiencies to allow improvements.

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Design & Build in the sun!

Austin can provide design and build services in Spain in conjunction with a partner for quality projects on a national basis.

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Controlling your highs and lows

Austin’s unique air control system is ideally suited for large spaces where temperature stratification may be undesirable. If you need constant temperatures from low to high level winter and summer on an energy efficient basis, this system could answer your problems.

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Back in the USA

Three important projects have recently been won by our American office;

The world headquarters of the New England Confectionery Company a project at $56 million including a manufacturing facility and retro fitting of the warehouse and distribution facility.

An engineering science building to support Nano Fabrication/ Micro electronics Research, consisting of class 100 and 1000 clean rooms for the University of California.

Santa Barbra, valued at $27 million. A pharmaceutical production facility to produce paediatric vaccines for St. Judes Childrens Research Hospital, valued at $29 million.

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