Three major projects for AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca has recently made significant investment in pharmaceutical facilities at its Macclesfield and Alderley Park sites in Cheshire. Three major projects have been undertaken, with Austin playing a lead role in an alliance partnership.

Austin undertook conceptual and preliminary engineering solutions, detailed designs of major elements of the work, project and construction management services and acted as Principal Contractor within the Alliance Team.

Quality Assurance Building (QAB), Macclesfield

A total of 4,500 sq.m of an existing three-storey Quality Assurance Building (QAB1) at Macclesfield was refurbished in three phases. The major objective of the project was to increase the Quality Control testing capability for new and existing products whilst maintaining the operational presence.

Investigational Product Support (IPS) building, Macclesfield

The 7,000 sq.m PAR & D, Investigational Products (IPS) building at Macclesfield provides facilities support to the development of new pharmaceutical products to satisfy regulatory requirements to prove the safety, quality and efficacy of new drugs.

Safety Assessment Accommodation (SAA) building, Alderley Park

The 12,600 sq.m Safety Assessment Accommodation (SAA) building at Alderley Park assesses the safety of new pharmaceutical products.

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