Bio Products Laboratory Ltd

BPL required a dedicated HVAC system to serve a new Grade C Fill line suite in an existing live and operational area within a very tight schedule. This was in order to provide resilience for future productions and operations.
BPL’s ambition was that the work had to be undertaken in a single shutdown hence this would necessitated extensive surveys of the existing facilities.
The scope of the works had to be developed to allow a workable solution involving manufacturer’s deliveries of plant, offloading and craneage onto an existing roof within a live environment.
Careful and detailed planning was required to:

  • Ensure that the design would allow works to progress to the agreed time scales and budget.
  • Confirm that each piece of the `jigsaw’ was in place as any minor delay would impact and jeopardise the entire project programme and production commitments.
  • Provide sufficient detailed planning to Interface with BPL’s users and production demands to ensure that the solution met the requirements. The complete works had to be planned and installed such that the work can be undertaken in a single shutdown

Austin assembled an experienced team with knowledge and skills of delivering such a technically complex project. This would allow the works to be planned in detail to execute the requirements within the very tight time constraints required by BPL.

The technical solution included new AHU, chillers, pump sets, utility modifications, clean & process steam, ductwork modification and Building & Environmental management system extending to power and controls wiring.
This overall solution included:
New air handling unit being installed onto a new roof mounted steel platform together with a packaged chiller unit.
Ductwork routes being carefully chosen and coordinated around the facilities to allow it to pass through heavily congested existing services. This extended to routing across the roof and dropping through the existing structure into the service floor.
Site measure was required for most of the ductworks during the day with drawings issued to the manufacturer to fabricate and deliver the next day for installation to continue.
All ductwork was installed prior to the shutdown and the connection left ready for the final stage.
The final works was undertaken during a twelve day engineering maintenance and operations shutdown scheduled for works to change over the systems from the existing to the new. The required works was carried out during this period with 50 other trades onsite undertaking other maintenance and project works.
The planning extended to twice daily meetings with all trades to monitor, track progress, coordinate installation quality and agree the finer details.
Works were completed on time and the systems validated by the BPL’s independent team with the facility operational on programme as scheduled by production.

  • architecture
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • structural
  • public health
  • construction
  • management