CDM 2015

CDM 2015 supersedes CDM 2007 as from 6th October 2015, and the latter will cease to exist, as will the role of the CDMC and the era of Principal Designer & Contractor begins.
The Association of Project Safety (APS) to which the Austin Company is registered corporately and individually is the foremost recognised authority in the area of Health and Safety. The majority of the existing CDMCs belong to this organisation.
It is expected that the CDMCs who are Designers will naturally become Principal Designers and a number of designers within Austin already carry out this duty for our Clients. CDMC who are not Designers are destined to become H & S Advisers.
The APS agenda is to retain its leading role in H & S in the eyes of our clients and that its members, whether they are Principal Designers or H&S advisors are prepared and able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience in this field.
To achieve these goals the APS has created a wide ranging “on line” examinations for all its registered members to take before 6th October in order to retain their registered status.
We are pleased that the Austin Company’s registered APS member has recently taken and passed this examination and will become an “incorporated member” under the new category membership and the Austin Company in turn will retain its corporate registered status.

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